About The Skeptiseum

  • Web Curator: Joe Nickell, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, CSICOP
  • Site Design and Development: C. Alan Zoppa, Center For Inquiry, Transnational
  • Digital Photographer: Tom Flynn, Director, Inquiry Media Productions

Supernatural, paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs proliferate worldwide. This virtual museum includes descriptions and images of artifacts and souvenirs associated with such beliefs from around the world.

The Skeptiseum website hosted by CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. The mission of CSICOP is to investigate and critically examine paranormal and pseudoscientific claims: the former being reported phenomena that seem beyond the range of nature and normal human experience; the latter being claims that are alleged to be based on science, but have no scientific evidence in their support whatsoever. A skeptical approach is not dismissive but analytical, demanding that there be sufficient evidence in order for a claim to be accepted.

All artifacts images and descriptions are property of Joe Nickell. Images may be downloaded for educational and journalistic purposes, but consent for any other use must be requested from: "The Skeptiseum"; CSICOP; PO Box 703; Amherst, NY 14226. High-res non-watermarked images available free of charge.

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