Superstitions, beliefs based on magical rather than rational thinking, are persistent. Most promise either good or bad luck (as from finding a four-leaf clover or a heads-up penny) or misfortune (such as by the breaking of a mirror), and thus they are a reflection of people's hopes and fears. Folk beliefs often vary, and one person's taboo may well be another's boon-- a selective process in either case. Actually, "luck" is randomly distributed and cannot be brought about by charms, rituals, or other non-causal processes. Many people are uncomfortable living in a world of randomness, and superstitions may help them cope.

'Came Back From the Dead' Poster

A Chinese Fortune-Teller

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Ghanian Fertility Doll

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Midas Golden Touch Prophesying Board (1987)

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Ouija Mystifying Oracle (1992)

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